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Citation analysis for request

Citation analysis is carried out at no cost for all the employees of MUT by members of our staff from Research Information Centre.

Citation analysis is performed within Web of Science database. It may concern a single publication or the entire scientific output of a particular author.

The individual request form for such analysis should include:

  • Author’s name (names) and surname (or a list of authors’ surnames), additionally in case author changed his or her surname that information also should be provided
  • Affiliation of the first author
  • A list of publications with the full bibliographical description, particularly with the first author’s surname
  • A timespan which analysis should refer to
  • Information concerning including or excluding self-citation

The citation report may include:

  • A total citation of all publications in the received request
  • A detailed citation count including a total number of the requested publications given in the enclosed list together with the information concerning citing works
  • H-index

Your requests are performed in the order they were sent to the Research Information Centre of the Main Library of MUT. The time of such service depends on the size of particular request, however; it lasts no longer than 14 days since the day our members receive your request.

If you are interested in sending us your requests or have any questions please contact the Research Information Centre of the Main Library of MUT (the 1st floor, room 103),

Phone number: 261 839 396, or via an e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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