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Special fees and payment dues for library service

Special fees and payment dues for library service
Fee title Fee Clarification of the fee amount Fee
Fee for not returning lent materials within the determined timeframe For one day of delay, for each position 0,30 zlotys
Deposit for the loans for users outside the MUT Not less than the value of the loan At least 50,00 zlotys
Fee for losing or destroying the lent positions The books published in the last 5 years To the price from the inventory of the main library 20% of it is added
For books which were published earlier than those mentioned above Not less than 50,00 zlotys
For the lost brochures Not less than 25,00 zlotys
Fee for not returning short-term loans from the Technical and Socio-Economical Reading Room Longer than 1 hour after opening the Reading Room the very next week day For every next hour of keeping the book 5,00 zlotys
Payments for electronic copies of magazines and books (performed in accordance with Copyright Law which allows public use of copied items) 0,30 zlotys for a page

*Lent library materials must be renewal online before the due date. All renewals after due date will be charged with new fees.

Interlibrary loan the price of performing the service
(it does not concern didactic and scientific employees of MUT who are carrying out exploratory and scientific projects)

Payments may be settled:

  • Via Libsmart Payment service (thanks to integration with library computer system, after posting money transfer, Libsmart Payment application automatically makes changes on user’s account);

  • In the Financial Department of MUT (a confirmation of your payment should be handed to our librarians in the Loan Department in order to annul the charge on your account)

  • Via generating your own account via PKO Collect (after receiving an-email from the bank, our librarians from the Loan Department annul the charges on our users’ accounts)

PKO Collect

Enter your Personal Identity Number in order to generate your individual account on which you may settle your payment

IBAN Generator

The title of payment

Personal Identity Number:

In order to check if your payment has been settled correctly please visit the following website:

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