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The building of the Main Library of the Military University of Technology - autumn

The building of the Main Library of the Military University of Technology - winterA soldier in front of the entrance to the building of the Main Library

  Library of the Military University of Technology

The Main Library of Military University of Technology was established in 1951 altogether with the Military University of Technology. Initially, it was named Technical Library, later it was changed into Academic Library, and at the end of the sixties it was finally named the Main Library of Military University of Technology.

At first, the library did not have its own office. Its collections were partly stored in the MUT Club, and in the casino rooms, partly in the basements of the buildings belonging to the university. In 1957, the library was eventually located in its own impressive building, with spacious stock rooms, where all collections were moved into.

Since its establishment the library has been playing a crucial role in the University structure, and has had a great impact on the activity level concerning the didactic and academic sphere. In accordance with the Law about higher education, library information system which works in our library, fulfils its function as an academic library and additionally as an information centre concerning various spheres; that is science, technology and military. Our institution collects, disseminates and makes the collections altogether with information and documentation sources accessible.

The library serves as an information centre for employees of MUT, students from all the Departments and faculties, additionally our institution provides special trainings concerning the effective use of library information services.

Currently, our library contains approximately 400 thousand of books (about 70% of the mentioned number is described in our online catalogue), journals (the entire collection is available in our online catalogue), and special collections, doctoral theses and scientific and exploratory works.

The library operates with integrated library system ALEPH – with a remote access to online catalogue and PRIMO search engine of library collection, which provides a local and remote access to electronic databases, which contain, among other things, the full text contents of several thousand of electronic journals and technical books from various subject areas and a wide range of abstract information.

In our library there is also a card catalogue with bibliographical descriptions of books published before 2003, which are held in our stock rooms. The books which have been acquired since 2003, have been introduced into an online computer catalogue.

Since 2012 our library has been collaborating with NUKAT catalogue. As a part of that cooperation, authority and bibliographic records are shared and used by our library.

In the years 2010-2013 the building was renovated thanks to the efforts of MUT authorities and the European Union funding. Owing to this renovation, the library was enriched with new facilities such as conference and training rooms, individual learning rooms, cabins for individual work. There is wi-fi in the whole building.

Our library also actively participates in cultural life by organising a wide range of exhibitions such as photographic or pictorial ones, or occasional concerts. The library is also an ideal place for various national or international conferences, trainings, seminaries, or work market for the academic society of MUT.

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