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Regulations for the Loan Department

  1. The following categories of readers can access library resources:
    1. MUT employees
    2. Students, PhD students
    3. Others following registration in the library
    4. Others registered in the Warsaw Reciprocal Borrowing Programme
  2. Each user in the Loan Department has a library account. Personal data of users collected in the System is protected pursuant to the Act on Protection of Personal Data of 29 August 1997. Users shall update their personal data, including their required contact details, on an on-going basis.
  3. The following users may borrow:
    1. MUT employees – 30 books for 1 year
    2. PhD students – 30 books for 4 months
    3. Students– 15 books for 30 days except books
    4. Students of two faculties – 25 books for 30 days
    5. Retired MUT employees – 5 books for 30 days
    6. Others registered in the Warsaw Reciprocal Borrowing Programme – 3 books for 30 days
    7. Others – 3 books for 30 days after paying the deposit
  4. Items located in the Loan Department in the “Nowosci” collection are available for loan for 30 days. Fee for not returning lent items from the „Nowości” collection within the determined time frame is 0,30 zł per day. MUT employees are not charged with fees.
  5. All library materials except from the „Nowości” collection can be renew: online through library account, in person in the Loan Department (room 117), by phone (+ 48 261 837 456) or via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
  6. Users are obliged to return or renew borrowed items before the due date. Items recalled by another user cannot be renewed.
  7. Users might be asked, in special circumstances, to return borrowed items before due date.
  8. The Library Director will decide on any exceptions to these library rules.
  9. Failure to meet the due date entails the fee specified in the Fees regulations (see: Fees »)
  10. In case of losing or destroying the lent materials the user is obliged to compensate items either by:
    1. replacing the item with a copy of the same item
    2. paying the equivalent for the lost or damage material.
  11. Items unavailable for loan:
    1. items located in the reference library
    2. items published before 1945
    3. PhD dissertations and research work
  12. Users changing library status from student to PhD student or MUT employee are asked to close their library account and get a new one with the new user status.
  13. Inactive library account is abolish after 10 years.
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