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Regulations for using individual study rooms

  1. Individual study rooms are available for all library users.
  2. Study rooms are available during library hours of operation.
  3. Study rooms may be reserved in person in the Technical and socio-economical reading room.
  4. The study room key is given by a librarian working in the reading room.
  5. In case of no reservations, study rooms are available to the first person who requests its use on a given day.
  6. The key to the study room remains at the user’s disposal for the entire period of its use; however, they must not make it available to anyone else.
  7. The user is obligated to turn off the work lamp and close the study room after finishing using it.
  8. Losing the key results in incurring the costs of making its duplicate.
  9. Study rooms are equipped with computers with Internet access. The user may use their own equipment and materials for which, however, if left in the room, the library shall not be liable . Before returning the key, the user must delete his/her own files from the drive – files left on the drive will be deleted by the librarian on duty.
  10. The user bears full responsibility for library materials and equipment in the study room and is obliged to maintain order.
  11. The library has a spare key and reserves the right to enter the study room, also in the absence of its current user.
  12. Individuals using study rooms must comply with the Library Rules and Regulations.
Last modified on Tuesday, 31 July 2018 19:32
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