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Regulations for using Periodicals reading room

  1. The Periodicals reading room can be access by students and employees of the Military University of Technology or other people after submitting personal ID to the librarian on duty.
  2. Before using the reading room users must:
    1. store bags, coats, hats, umbrellas, and other personal items in a locker or hung on in the lobby coat rack,
    2. scan their ID, student card or other document in the reading room card scanner,
    3. show the librarian all materials they have with them.
  3. Users not following the above-mentioned rules might not be allowed to enter the reading room. Users bags might be inspected by the librarian on duty when leaving the reading room.
  4. In the reading room user can use:
    1. current issues of journals and newspapers,
    2. older issues of journals and newspapers (please contact with the librarian on duty),
    3. electronic resources subscribed by the library.
  5. Most current issues of journals and newspapers are available on shelves with free access.
  6. Archive issues are brought by librarian on duty from a reading room's stock on a request. Average delivery time is 30 minutes.
  7. Journals published after 1994 are available for short-term loan (1 hour before the library is closed) to the next working day or for the weekend. It is possible to borrow maximum 5 volumes at once. Users shall return borrowed items from short-term loan in the next working day maximum 1 hour after the library is open. Failure to meet the due date entails the fee specified in the Fees regulations. (see: Fees »)
  8. Self-service photocopying is permitted with all materials in the reading room.
  9. All damages should be reported to the librarian on duty. The user is responsible to repair any damage caused.
  10. It is not permitted to remove materials from the reading room without the knowledge of the librarian on duty.
  11. It is not permitted to install any programmes on the computers located in the Periodicals reading room.
  12. Users are not allowed to issue any changes in the configuration of library computers, attempt to break the existing security system and interfere with the content of the data collected.
  13. Any damage or irregularities in the operation of computers should be reported to the librarian on duty immediately.
  14. After finished session the user must delete his/her own files from the drive – files left on the drive will be deleted by the librarian on duty.
  15. All downloaded files should be saved on the personal storage device or sent by email. Librarian on duty might check users’ memory sticks for computer viruses.
  16. Users’ sessions are monitored.
  17. Patrons using the computers must agree to take proper care of all hardware and software that are the property of the library. They will be responsible for any damage caused.
  18. Anyone who fails to comply with the Reading Room Rules will be denied access to the Periodicals reading room.
Last modified on Tuesday, 31 July 2018 19:17
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